“EBEN BOOKS” are written by Mrs. Girijakumari R.P. with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

Daughter of Ramakrishnan and Padmakshi was born in a Village of Peechottukonam, Vizhinjam in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. 

From a young age, she was led into the deeper vision of faith.  The objective of her life has been to please God at any cost. 

After completing her nursing degree in 1990, she joined the Sree Chitra Tirunal Hospital, where she has been serving as Nursing professional from 1991. 

She considers evangelism as her duty and has been successful in interceding for others in the spirit.  Her former books have uplifted the faith of many people and led them to His grace & faithfulness.

She lives with her husband Johnson and her children Abi G. John & Aber G. John.

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Vrikshangalude Chuvattinu Kodali
Vrikshangalude Chuvattinu Kodali
Prarthana Poraliyude Adhikaram
Prarthana Poraliyude Adhikaram

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I am sanalkumar, a blind person since I cannot read printed books directly. l listen to the book written by Girijakumari sister in the books club WhatsApp group.she reads the portions of the book through the group which is very helpful to me and it’s also a great blessing to me. Now she is reading the book title FAITH (VISHWASAM). This book contains many verses from the Bible, which helps me to grow and increase in faith. so I sincerely pray that May Lord help her to publish more and more such book and let such book nourish many people spiritually.


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