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Dear friends, By God’s grace my 9th book “Faith”. Faith is an essential part of Christian living. A Christian’s earthly life begins and ends with faith. Without faith, no one can please God. Rather, we must have faith to receive anything from God.

God’s greatest desire/dream for this generation is to see a glorious ministry yielding a glorious harvest. God fulfils this dream by building his Church through his followers. His followers must have faith—the most important factor, which is what this book is all about.

The book also covers spiritual truths that all believers should know. If you wish to live a fruitful Christian life, this book will surely illuminate the path for you.

Since this is an important spiritual message of God for the church in the current times, the almighty God poured his grace on me to write such a book. All glory to the Almighty God only.


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Vrikshangalude Chuvattinu Kodali

Dear friends, By God’s grace my 8th book “Vrikshangalude Chuvattinu Kodali “. Lord Jesus Christ is the only Saviour who left the Heavenly abode, took the form of Man and came into this World with the sole purpose to take all Men who believes in Him, to the Kingdom of Heaven, irrespective of their Caste, Creed, or Colour. It is the heart’s desire of all men to make it to Heaven, after death. The Word of God teaches that, one need to bear the “Fruit of the Spirit” of God, in order to accomplish for this dream.

It is not our Ministry which enables us to enter the Kingdom of Heaven, but the “Fruit of our Life”. However great be the ministry one does, if he does not bear good Fruit, the Master will cut him off and cast into the Fire. For this reason “The Axe is already laid to the root of the Trees’ declares the Word of God.

This book titled “Vrikshangalude Chuvattinu Kodali” (The Axe laid to the root of the Trees) deals with topics such as:

– How to escape the Judgement?

– How to bear good Fruit?

– What will happen if we do not bear good Fruit?

If you are that person who desire to spend your Eternity in Heaven, then this will be a guide book for you. Please read this prayerfully.


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Dear friends, By God’s grace my 7th book “PRARTHANA PORALIYUDE ADHIKARAM “was released by Dr.P.G.Varghese yesterday (21/4/2019).I thank the Holy Spirit ,secondly my Spiritual Father Br. Suresh Babu & all those who prayed & supported me in making this possible. Thank You

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Daivathe Anwaeshikkunnavare Ithile

Dear friends,.My 6th book “Daivathe Anwaeshikkunnavare Ithile” was released by my Spiritual Father Br.Suresh Babu today (7/10/2018).I give all glory to my almighty God & my sincere gratitude to my Spiritual Father & to all those who prayed & contributed to this. May God bless you all. Thank you

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Visudhi Daiva Sabhayil

5th book “Visudhi Daiva Sabhayil “was released by Past. M.A.Varghese on 3rd April 2018

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Ningal Yesuvinte Sakshi

Book released date: 03/04/2017 Released by Dr.B.Varghese

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Book release date: 01/01/2015
Released by my Spiritual father Br. Suresh Babu

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Viswasam (Tamil)

Book release date: 15/01/2017
“Viswasam”(Tamil) translated by Mrs. Rani Ethelbert &Mrs. Geetha Ayyappan (members of Christ Centre )
Released by my Spiritual father Br. Suresh Babu

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Daivam Vishwasthare Thedunnu

Book release date: 01/01/2016
Released by my Spiritual father Br. Suresh Babu


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Veedu Illathavarku Oru Veedu

Book release date: 02/10/2016
Released by my Spiritual father Br. Suresh Babu

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