About the Author

Girija kumari R.P.

Daughter of Ramakrishnan and Padmakshi was born in a Village of Peechottukonam, Vizhinjam in Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala. 

From a young age, she was led into the deeper vision of faith.  The objective of her life has been to please God at any cost. 

After completing her nursing degree in 1990, she joined the Sree Chitra Tirunal Hospital, where she has been serving as Nursing professional from 1991. 

She considers evangelism as her duty and has been successful in interceding for others in the spirit.  Her former books have uplifted the faith of many people and led them to His grace & faithfulness.

She lives with her husband Johnson and her children Abi G. John & Aber G. John.


A hand which held a syringe at the hospital serving humanity also held a pen filled with the Spirit of God that inspired her to write ten amazing and beautiful books. This is about Sister Girijakumari who is serving as a nursing officer at Sree Chitra Hospital at Thiruvananthapuram.

Hailing from a small village of Peechottukonam, Vizhinjam village in Thiruvananthapuram District, she is the second daughter of six children born to Shri. Ramakrishnan and Smt. Padmakshi. When she was fifty-one days old, her older brother accidentally fell upon her delicate and tender body. She struggled to survive. Her mother, being a prayerful woman saw the crucified Christ in a vision following which the baby was miraculously healed. This baby grew to become Sister Girijakumari, a health worker by profession and an author of ten books.

Battling severe poverty, as a child, she decided to live for Christ having seen Jesus Christ in a vision. She struggled and fought all adversities to obtain an education from the same village wherein education for women those days was not encouraged.

Receiving the anointing of the Holy Spirit at the tender age of twelve was a turning point in her life. Thereafter, there was a miraculous progress in her spiritual life and academics as well. It pleased her to read the Bible always and also carry it around everywhere she went in submission to Christ.

Girijakumari who was academically weak in mathematics started obtaining full marks in it. There were times, when studying under the light of a kerosene lamp her hair would be singed and books burnt; but she persevered and continued to complete her studies without being discouraged. She went on to complete B.Sc. Nursing from Thiruvananthapuram Medical College. While she was studying there, she would not buy food from the mess, and instead saved money to contribute to Bro. PG Varghese by buying and reading his books. The experience gained by reading his books paved a way for her to author books.

In the year 1991, she took up a job in Sree Chitra Hospital, Thiruvananthapuram. While she displayed hundred percent sincerity and dedication at work, she prayed relentlessly for the sick under her care and witnessed miraculous healing in many patients. Her desire to spend all available time in spreading the gospel exposed her to many hardships at work. Through it all, Sister Girijakumari still found time to pray for the sick and show mercy towards them.

In the year 2014, while attending a whole night prayer meeting, she was led by the Holy Spirit to write books, and she took it upon herself with total submission and dedication. With much fasting and prayer, and guidance of the Holy Spirit, the thoughts she received, penned in words and lines resulted in the publication of the book titled ‘Vishwasam’.

When she heard a voice saying, “Daivam Vishuvastere Thedunnu”, a thought came to her mind to write another book. Later on the same day, the Pastor too spoke about it during the service. Thus she was convinced that God’s divine plan revealed to her earlier that day was confirmed and she authored a five hundred page book which is published with the same title. Sister Girijakumari herself is still unaware of how she was able to complete that book.

She has been able to author and publish eight books alongside her work at the hospital. Sister Girijakumari has also published translated versions of the book ‘Vishwasam’ in Tamil and English. She also desires to translate that book into various other languages.
These are the books published till date:
• Vrikshangalude Chuvattinu Kodali
• Ningal Yesuvinte Sakshi
• Daivathe Anwaeshikkunnavare Ithile
• Visudhi Daiva Sabhayil
• Veedu Illathavarku Oru Veedu
• Prarthana Poraliyude Adhikaram

Her husband Johnson and children Abi and Aber whole heartedly support her in her ministry.

With a smile on her face and a prayer on her lips, Sister Girijakumari presses forward in being a beacon of light showing a new pathway and providing hope to the hopeless and the broken hearted people through her writings, preaching and service among the sick.

To order Sister Girijakumari’s books –
Contact No. 9495662058 (Mob)
Website: www.girijakumari.com