Daivathe Anwaeshikkunnavare Ithile
by Girija Kumari R. P.

To all my brothers and sisters who believe and seek for God in inscriptions on pillars and beams, I want you to know that God is to be found within your heart. 

This small booklet titled “Daivathe Anneshikhunnavere Ethile” will help you in finding that ‘God’ who dwells in you. In this booklet, you will find answers to all the questions you have about this life and of eternity. It will be a signboard directing you in the path of knowing the one and only true, living God.You may start reading this booklet right now, believing that it is God alone who has enabled you to lay your hands on it. Once you have read it and experienced the living God, you should pass it on to others so that they may also learn of that living God and be blessed in their lives too.

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